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We're hiring!  We're building out a new test team based in Redmond, and we need your help!  We have a pretty small, close-knit, fast-moving product team - and our developers love to do what others have deemed impossible.   As a Software Development Engineer in Test, you'll help us make sure we deliver the highest quality product possible to our users. 

You'll define test strategy for your features.  You'll interact with a team of remote testers.  You'll build automation systems and tools to help testers and developers.  You'll be a voice for our users and you'll have the responsibility of improving the user experience for literally millions of users world-wide. 

We're looking for SDE/Ts with good communication skills, experience with C++/C#, and a strong understanding of software design.  Bonuses would be an understanding of COM, .NET interop, and 64-bit development.  We're looking for the best and brightest to improve the Windows Desktop Search platform, content indexing, developer APIs, and cutting-edge UI.  You'll work with consumer and enterprise users as well as teams throughout Microsoft including Windows, Office, and Windows Live.

If you're interested, or know someone who is, check out the links below:

SDE/T Position on MS Careers site. (A little outdated, but mostly accurate)

Please submit a resume (for job 139746 or 139744) and we'd also love it if you'd e-mail us (which will help get things moving).

We also have Dev and PM positions that we're looking to fill.  So if you're interested in either of those disciplines, let me know!

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