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Morford suggests that Macs are somehow inately more secure than Windows PCs.  I disagree.  I know that the NT core of modern Windows OSes is every bit as solid as Mach.  I also know that Windows is targetted more by those with malicious intent because it's a far larger target. 

What's harder to realize is that Windows is more popular for some of the same reasons that it is a larger target.  Windows has made sacrifices to its security in the name of compatability and ease-of-use.  Obviously, as the world changes, Microsoft has to adapt.  However, Microsoft has built their reputation on compatability and broad support for past architectures.  Sweeping changes are a dangerous thing for them, as anytime the user sees a Windows upgrade as “starting from scratch,” they're more likely to consider starting from scratch with someone else's product.  To some it may seem diabolical... to me it's just smart business.

Having users run with Administrator rights, opening up kernel space to video drivers and DirectX on behalf of game developers, or being lax in enforcing proper programming standards to support old and poorly written code is a trade-off.  But the thing to remember about trade-offs is that you do GAIN something in return for what you give up.  The key is to give up just as much as you can without getting screwed.

I think that if Windows had been made more secure, it might not have seen the success that it has.  I think that if Windows doesn't become more secure, given the reality of the broadband age, then it will suffer greatly.  Do I think that will happen?  Well let's put it this way...

I'm not going to bet against Microsoft.

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