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Well, I am home now from E3.  What an exhausting trip.  I couldn't sleep on the Red Eye coming home so I got about 1 hour sleep in 36.  I am more rested up now and ready to head back to work in the morning.

Thursday at E3 I spent most of the day on the floor of the Expo.  Trying to soak in as much as I could.  I finally go to go to the Midway and Atari shows.  Midway was terrible but Atari was pretty good.  They where giving away the best T-Shirts of the show with the “In the beginning there was PONG” saying.  The Matrix game was pretty cool from Atari and the D&D MMO looked promising. 

We made one last swing by the Sony vs Nintendo area.  I finally go to see the new PSP Sony handheld.  Now that is one sweet machine.  The graphics where amazing.  For $300 you can have one too. :)  Sony had the best booth as voted by E3 and although it was pretty amazing my vote was for Microsoft.  Both layouts where amazing.  I spent the least amount of time at the Nintendo area.  It was packed and I had very little interest in what Nintendo had to offer.

As for the XBox 360.. I finally go tickets to the show.  I viewed the the 20 min trailer and it was very cool.  The next generation gaming machines are really min computers.  It seems these machines are trying to replaces many of the items you use now like CD players, DVD players and more.  The new XBox 360 will have a harddrive in the box and support high resolution graphics and more.

Couple games that I really liked that are coming out later this year.

1.  Kill all Humans.  This game caught my eye.  Maybe because it was just the opposite of all the kill the aliens titles.  It is a cute little game where you as an alien go around collecting brain stems from humans you “kill”.  The setting I saw was the farmers on the farm.  So the farmer is shooting you with his shoot gun while Mrs Farmer is screaming to get away.  You capture the humans with your anti gravity force field and proceed to terminate there life.  You get their brains by blowing there heads up and out pops the brain.  Yeah should kinda gross, but it is done in a light humor and cute way.

2.  Chronicles of Narnia.  This game is coming out in the Winter of 2005.  I love the books so with the movie coming out this summer I have high hopes for the game.  The graphics and game play look good.  It appears to be a standard RPG game. 

Flight home was pretty good.  Flight from L.A. to Atlanta was packed but smooth.  The flight from Atlanta to Charlotte was a bit rough.

Well that is all for now.

Oh.. I will be trying to post some pictures of my trip so check back here in the next few days.  Peace!

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