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News Welcome to my programming blog. I am a software developer living in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

I've been a keen developer for over a decade, most of it spent on C#/.Net development with ever increasing amounts of Javascript and I am an avid biker as well.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you found a post useful :-).

My twitter handle is BikerDev.

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The following is a list of blogs and miscellaneous websites that I follow. Most of them are technical and I’ll update the list periodically.


  • – Scot Hanselman’s blog is by far one of the nicest blogs for news about dot net as well as nuggets of code on and last but not least… techie humour.
  • – Scott Guthrie’s blog was an excellent source of news on ASP.Net complete with demos of new features but these days it is mainly about azure. Still very relevant.
  • – Phil Haack’s blog is an excellent source of best practice on ASP.Net MVC as well as Nuget.
  • – I came across Mike Taulty’s blog a few years ago when looking for some tutorials on Prism as well as best practice for the Unity IOC container. It’s an active blog and still updated frequently.
  • – Anyone working with ASP.Net MVC will have come across Steven Sanderson’s blog. He is the author of the very nice Pro ASP.Net MVC books as well as the creator of KnockoutJS.
  • – For news about everything windows this is the site.
  • – An excellent source of high quality technical videos. Very useful for that boring train commute.
  • – At the start of 2013 my commute was a torrid 140 miles a day by car/motorcycle. What made it manageable was the superb set of technical podcasts at dotnetrocks. Beats local radio by a country mile!
  • – This is Scott Allen’s blog on .Net and web development in general. Cutting edge blog posts.
  • – This isn’t a blog but a top resource for technical training. I’ve been a  Pluralsight subscriber for about 2 years now and can say that it’s made a difference to my skills as a developer.
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