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Bander Alsharfi yet another WinFX fan!

Yesterday's presentation went great!

Attendees liked WinFX and I bet some went home; downloaded the SDK and spent the whole night playing with it...
One thing I keep noticing in presentations; Introductory slides are always boring! most of the attendees were not that focus and some were trying to keep up but just couldn't! you know the slides were you start spraying marketing stuff all over the place about what a cool decade it was, what a great job Microsoft is doing, or what magazines are writting, etc. on the other hand the demo was outstanding, they seemed to enjoy it and I got tons and tons of questions, we were supposed to finish at 8:30 but for some reason we finished at 9:10! I started to like my role in Jordev much more =)

If you are curios about AJAX; you have to attend the next community night, one of you devs will presnet it for 10 minutes!
so if you are planning to be that dev, i suggest visiting the following link:

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