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Tibi and I are winding down after a hectic few days at the ØreDev conference in Sweden. It was a great conference, with a lot of international speakers and attendees, and a good mix of technologies and tracks. One of the highlights was Ze Frank, who was delivering his stand up comedy routine, which was targeted just right for the attendees.
I laid down the gauntlet to Tibi by challenging him to get an interview with Ze, and he accepted and delivered the goods, thanks to Herbjörn Wilhelmsen for chatting with Ze to arrange it. We managed to get a slightly longer “5 Minutes With” interview in which Ze turned the tables on Tibi and asked him questions about conquering a fear of flying and his attitude for dealing with the challenges life can throw at us. It’s very refreshing to have an interview without any three-letter-acronyms.
CloudCasts has also had a busy week, as I’ve posted interviews with Scott Hanselmam, Scott Allen, Julie Lerman, Herbjörn Wilhelmsen and Magnus Mårtensson. We even added some music to the site with a splendid rendition of “The Joker” by Carl Franklin, with Shawn Wildermoth providing the guitar solo. If you are ever in Malmö, I recommend the “The Bishops Arms”, though we could not decide if we should have 8 or 10 Bishops Fingers there.  I have another few videos in the can, and will be getting them uploaded over the weekend.
Overall ØreDev 2009 was a great success, big credit to Michael Tiberg for his organization skills and his passion for the event; I’m looking forward to ØreDev 2010 already.
You can see all the ØreDev content here.
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