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I continue to mess around with XNA 2.0. I have been using George Clingerman's tutorial on selecting a sprite with a selection box. The tutorial is also on his site here.

Basically, there are two sprites that you can select by left clicking on them:

or you can drag a selection box around them to select them:

You can then select one sprite in this manner and right click somewhere on the screen to move it, similar to a RTS game. Very handy. But I want something more.

I want to click on a sprite and have a selection cursor appear around the sprite.

And when I click somwhere else, I want the selection cursor to go to that sprite, or not appear at all if I don't click on a sprite.

And I want to be able to reference the sprite that I clicked on.

So this is how I did it:
I created a sprite manager class with a collection to store all of my sprites. It has lookup code so that I can drill down to the sprite that was clicked on. <

Here is the source code (

And here are some of the planet sprites (

These planet sprites were created with Paint.Net.

How to make planets with Paint.Net

How to make starscapes and nebulae with Paint.Net


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