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When dealing with application responsiveness issues you often need to get data from the actual users to be sure what is going on. There are plenty of reasons why your application does not respond. Most prominent examples are Network A bad network connection can totally ruin the user experience. Wireshark is your best friend to check if you have a network issue at all. Paging If your application has a high memory footprint you will experience sudden slowdowns because the OS did silently page out unused ......

Most people using Workflow Foundations only know TrackingParticipants to enable activity tracing. With WF 4 the Sql TrackingParticipant was deprecated and replaced by EtwTrackingParticipant. WF has been wasteful with system resources since its very beginning but it has become better with WF 4. If you think that a SQL tracking participant is a good idea think again why MS did deprecate it: [ObsoleteAttribute("The System.Workflow.* types are deprecated. Instead, please use the new types from System.Activities.*")] ......

MS is investing heavily into its ETW infrastructure now and in the future. You can find very good online trainings at MS Virtual Academy: http://www.microsoftvirtual... I have watched some videos today and they have really great content online about rare topics. Personally I found On/Off Transition Experience the most enlightening one. After this video you can rip your slow booting machine apart and make it boot much faster. ......

Recently I had an interesting issue to diagnose. We all (readers of my blog) know that forgotten unregister calls to events are a common source of managed memory leaks. The weak event pattern is a common cure to this plague and WPF has a nice implementation for it. With .NET 4.5 WeakEventManager has got a new cousin which does not require you to derive from it which is even nicer. Every time when I needed to deal with weak event registrations I used it and it worked fine. Since WeakEventManager is ......