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If you can read this then Windows Live Writer did its duty and submitted it correctly. I did not blog so much lately because I did try to get some articles at CodeProject up. If you want to see how various functions of StringBuilder and String perform you can have a look here. A quick introduction into the System.Configuration namespace of .NET 2.0 where you learn how to read/write your App.Config file is also worth a look. To make things complete I did dive into the dark corners of my processor and came up with a very fast (but Greg was faster) word count written in C# 2.0 for Greg's performance contest.

Have you ever written unsafe code with .NET to get ultra high performance? Then the newest Triangle Solitaire problem is for you. You need to be fast but I think you can win with safe code quite easy if your solver algorithm is the best one. Besides number crunching you can learn a lot how other people approach a performance problem and who is the best ;-). To make it even more interesting you can win some books which deal surprise with performance and algorithms.

posted on Friday, August 18, 2006 9:07 PM