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May 2006 Entries

Robert did write about my F#/C# article where he states that F# is as easy to learn as any other imperative language. My final comment was:“Not all concepts of functional languages should be explored by Mort and Elvis since most of them are fairly complex to understand because functional languages are very picky (just like unix) who can be their friend and who not. If Einstein does write a F# program then only a true Einstein can maintain it. When the outsourced Mort and Elvis do change his ......

After all this hype around C# 3.0 where we will get .cf { font-family: Courier New; font-size: 10pt; color: black; background: white; } .cl { margin: 0px; } .cb1 { color: blue; } .cb2 { color: teal; } .cb3 { color: maroon; } .cb4 { color: green; } LINQ, lambda expressions and many other thing I thought that it would be useful to have a deeper look at functional programming languages like F#. At Microsoft quite many people are fond of the Functional Programming style which did influence the design ......

Just recently I found a very good post how to create your own live demo video with Windows Media Encoder. John Howard did put on his blog a useful post about the preferred settings for a good encoding experience. The main thing is to get the small videos of your computer screen is that you need to set as resolution 800x600 and 16 bit color depth. This is also a very good choice if you want to share your video in a meeting room with a beamer since most of them do not support more than 800x600. After ......

If you are not sure if the Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0 is the right thing for your application you should check out the new Hands on Labs. All six Application Blocks (Caching, Security, Cryptography, Data Access, Logging and Exceptions Handling) are shown in action with a detailed step for step introduction to get started with each of them. Another source of information mainly configuration of the Enterprise Library can be found in the articles of my blog ......