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Solidsoft in conjunction with Microsoft has run a couple of of Azure workshops. Both were very well received and will be repeated in the future. Michael Royster of Microsoft commented:

Over the last two weeks we have run two very successful Azure workshops covering both PaaS and IaaS.  A huge thank you must go to Solidsoft for continuing to support the Application Platform and Azure business.

The workshops were:

Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) Workshop 19/20 February 2013

Delivered by Charles Young (Solidsoft) and Michael Royster (Microsoft)

12 Attendees .

Overall Average Feedback: 7.1, Session Content: 7.5, Session Delivery: 7.7, Labs Content: 7.1

Customer Quotes:

· “I would definitely recommend an MTC event to colleagues unless I wanted to attend myself!”.

· “Very useful and well organised workshop.”

· “Excellent presentations talking through services and concepts

Azure Infrastructure as a Service (PaaS) Workshop 26 February 2013

Delivered by Yossi Dahan (Solidsoft) and Michael Royster (Microsoft)

11 Attendees.

Overall Average Feedback: 7.3, Session Content: 7.3, Session Delivery: 7.7, Labs Content: 7.0

Customer Quotes:

· Good event, well put together; powershell part was complicated even for a UNIX admin. Thanks for a great insight for Azure

· Presentations and labs complimented each other well, all sessions useful.

· Powershell is awkward for learning,

Solidsoft in conjunction with Microsoft will be running more workshops in the future. For details view or contact

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