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I am a real ‘geek’, I love technology, I had Sky when it wasn’t the norm to have Sky. I had internet when the only way to do it (other than Compuserve) was to sign up to a local provider and phone into them and then be routed on.

I live in the South East where the coverage for all digital goodies is total….

I am .5 km from a telephone exchange…..

Am I happy – no….

I can’t receive Sky anymore because the tree outside my house (Canadian Oak) ‘sucks’ all the signal!

NTL sorry Virgin gave up putting in cable half way down my road. But to add insult to injury started again over my back fence and want £2000 to connect me!!!

That leaves me with BT Vision, iPlayer, ITVplayer and iTunes for all those wonderful programs – particularly the ones on Sky One – Lost, 24, Damages, Fringe and on….

I’m on BT ultimate broadband because of BT Vision.

I use Spotify to steam music

I use iTunes to down load HD content – TV series and movies….

And now I capped at 1 Meg because I used my broadband to much….


The digital struggle!!

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7:20 PM | Back to top

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