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This one isfrom one of our team here at Solidsoft - Dave Robinson:

When creating any custom columns for content types, create the field without a space and then rename the field to include any spaces.

e.g If you have a field ‘Sox Reference’, create the field with a name of ‘SoxReference’ and then edit the field to make it ‘Sox Reference’.

If you create the field with a space in initially, then when you are trying to access the field within webparts and stylesheets you have to put all the escape characters in the field name (since the field gets created with escape characters). This can be quite difficult to keep a track of.

If you create the field and then modify it, it only seems to modify the ‘label’ as such.

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Really very usefully tip. Can you give a brief idea about creating custom column of type upload image.
Left by vijay sathe on Feb 06, 2010 5:03 AM

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