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we now have the pieces in place - Vista release and Office various releases. I've been living with Vista for a number of months and glad to say each release has made it better.

My state of play now:

  • My USB's all work - some peoples just don't!
  • McAffee have released version 8.5 RC which at long last works
  • Avast virus checker works great at home
  • DAMON tools (virtual disk) worked in RC but not release
  • Alcohol 120% now works - latest release
  • The mobile device application bombs when connected to my SPV C500 but not my HTC Tornado
  • ATI Catalyst works great
  • My Netgear Max Type 'N' sometimes work
  • My Netgeat NAS 'toaster' does not
  • My Ipod and Itunes works most of the time
  • Visual Studio reports compatibility problems at start up
  • Roxio Creater 9 is a no go
  • Nero latest works in parts

I have a few more issues to check out but so far not to bad!

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