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Expected launch dates


Date expected

Current status


Windows Server 2003 R2 Feb 2006 RTM Includes Active Directory Federation Services and UNIX password synchronisation, improved replication technology, .NET 2.0 and new tools for distributed storage configuration.
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Mar 2006
Beta 3 The server component of Visual Studio Team System.
BizTalk 2004 Server 2006 Q1 2006

Beta 2
Support for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. New management console.
Internet Explorer 7.0 Q1 2006 Beta 2 Preview
New anti-phishing and anti-pyware facilities. Improved CSS2 support. Web feed facility for RSS display. Tabbed browsing.
2006 Beta 1 Managed API for Windows that incorporates Windows Communication Foundation (codenamed 'Indigo') and Windows Presentation Foundation (codenamed 'Avalon'). Will run on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.
Office 12 H2 2006   Will incorporate peer-to-peer collaboration technology from Groove Technologies. Beta due H2 2005.
Exchange 12 H2 2006   Will include improvements in messaging security and support for voice mail and fax messages. Will introduce a Web Service API and a managed code API that will replace MAPI, WebDAV and CDOEX.
Operations Manager (MOM) 3 H2 2006   Based on Systems Definition Model (SDM). Closed beta expected H2 2005. Open beta H1 2006.
Windows Vista

Q4 2006

Beta 1 Major update to client operating system, codenamed 'Longhorn'. A 'Longhorn' service pack for Windows Server 2003 is expected to be followed by 'Longhorn' Server in 2007.
WinFS 2007 Beta 1 New relational file system for Windows Vista (Beta 1 also runs on Windows XP SP2).
Expression Graphic Designer 2007 Oct 2005 CTP Vector/pixel based drawing package based on Creature House Expression 3. Outputs XAML. Codename 'Acrylic'.
Epxression Interactive Designer 2007 Jan 2006 CTP
User interface designer that outputs XAML. Codename 'Sparkle'
Expression Web Designer 2007   Web design tool, codename 'Quartz'.
Visual Studio 'Orcas' 2007
Jan 2006 CTP
Will support WinFX and LINQ. Includes Visual Basic 9.0 and C# 3.0.
Visual Studio 'Hawaii'     A completely redesigned version of the Visual Studio toolset which will follow 'Orcas'.



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