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Sometimes when you use messaging in BizTalk 2004 you want to publish messages in the messagebox. And only if some conditions are met, BizTalk 2004 should react to those messages. But what if those conditions are not met....

Well for sure you could use an orchestration and do some business logic to decide what to do. Unfortunately you will need an orchestration then.
And we started out that we only wanted to use messaging.....

This is where the NOPE adapter comes in.

Just set the Filter expression to the receiveport where the messages come from and this adapter will eat every message coming from a specific receiveport.

If you want to react to specific messages having specific properties you can still use that but the messages that you're not interested in will dissappear without a trace.....


Posted on Friday, December 23, 2005 5:19 AM BizTalk 2009 | Back to top

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Patrick Wellink blogged about this long time ago, but of course he made the thing :-).
Left by Joris Arts on Dec 29, 2005 6:40 AM

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