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Windows Embedded Compact 7

S.Francisco's market

This will be the official name of the new release of Windows CE.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available as a public CTP and it already supports a wide range of CPUs and both the device emulator and VirtualPC emulated environments.

So I’ll have to learn a new (and longer) name for my favorite OS… but I (and all my two readers!) will be able to test it as soon as the download from connect web site completes (I'm sorry for my readers, but you'll have to download it by yourselves).

Here’s a link for the download (it's free but you’ll have to register on connect with a valid LiveId):

Remember that this is still a beta (or “Community Technology Preview” if you speak marketing language) and so it’s better to not install it on your main development PC (or, at least, backup everything before installation) and that the features and performances you’ll get from this beta may not be the same ones of the final release of the OS.

You can discover the new features of Windows Embedded Compact on the new “official” webpage on microsoft website:

or on Olivier’s blog:

I hope to be able to post some interesting content about Windows Embedded Compact 7 soon (and maybe be able to shorten it’s name in CE7 in my blog posts, when I'll ensure that both my readers are not worketing for Microsoft's marketing department …).

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Windows CE support forums

As you may already know, microsoft is moving its communities to a new platform, based on web forums. The “old” USENET newsgroups are going to be replaced by web forums organized by categories. One for low-level platform development (for the guys working with Platform Builder), another one for native application development (for people writing their real-time applications in C/C++ or people using Silverlight for Windows Embedded) and, last but not least, a forum dedicated to managed application development (for people that are quickly developing their applications with the .NET Compact Framework).

You can find the new forums here:

Read the “welcome” message to choose the best forum for your question and never forget that to have a good answer you should ask your question in a good way.

Here you can find some suggestions about how you can ask questions (in newsgroup or forums):

(Thanks to Michel Verhagen for the article)

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Embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge

If you have a good idea for a cool embedded device based on Windows Embedded 7 and some free time to work on it you can partecipate to the Embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge.

Just submit a short paper describing your idea and, if your idea is one of the 75 selected by the judges, you’ll receive some hardware to put your idea in practice and a chance to attend ESC Boston for free and win 15.000 dollars.

The latest challenge has been won by Marco Bodoira, a fellow Italian embedded developer, so I hope to see many Italian developers (and non developers) presenting their ideas and project for this new challenge!

You can find rules, ideas, forums and all the information you need at the challenge web site:

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Windows Embedded in Padua

Martedì 8 Giugno, presso l’università di Padova terrò un intervento su Windows CE all’interno dell’evento: “Workshop sulle nuove architetture per sistemi embedded”.

All’interno dello stesso evento altre sessioni tratteranno dell’architettura ARM e in particolare dei nuovi core Cortex A8, di applicazioni avanzate e di Linux Embedded.

L’agenda (fitta e interessante) e il link per le iscrizioni potete trovarli qui:[backPid]=1336&cHash=ae34e269e1

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Windows CE and the Compact Framework are dead?

Sunrise in San Francisco

This is one of the question that I’ve been asked more and more frequently at my public speeches and each time I meet customers.

The announcement of the new Windows Phone 7 platform and the release of Visual Studio 2010 generated a bit of confusion around Windows CE and some of the technologies it supports.

Windows CE is still alive and a lot of good programmers are working on the new releases (I had a chance to know some of them during the MVP summit in February).

Here’s a blog post from Olivier Bloch that describes the situation and provides some good news about the OS:

As you can read here, Windows Phone 7 keeps its “roots” inside Windows CE.

Regarding the .NET Compact Framework, this article from the excellent “I know the answer (it’s 42)” blog from Abhinaba (it seems that we share a passion for photography, Douglas Adams and embedded development), explains that the .NET CF is the foundation of XNA and Silverlight implementation on the WP7 platform:

So Windows CE is here to stay, powering one of the most interesting smart phone platforms and ready to power also your devices.

Add those blogs to your RSS reader list and stay tuned for more good news about CE and the Compact Framework!

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