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This is a new blog on the first day of the year starting a new decade.  The world has changed in the last 10 years and the software development we did in 1999 is much different than the software development we did in 2009. In the same spirit, the next 10 years will see dramatic changes in the way we write software and the platforms that software runs on.  Moving from compilers that targeted operating systems to targeting virtual machine platforms as mainstream software engineering was a dramatic change, but we won't stop there.

2009 was the year Twitter hit mainstream and became the darling of the press, drawing in celebrities and business.   LINQ to Twitter was already available as an open source project, but I was compelled to pull it out of moth balls, dust it off, and begin coding some new life into the product.  With the emergence of REST, cloud platforms and Web applications exposing APIs, it became clearly evident that the platform is changing.  Noone necessarily owns this platform because it is a conglomeration of different companies, public services, and open-source projects.  Additionally, there are software development tools that are hitting every platform. My favorite language, C#, is available on both .NET and Mono and Mono spans multiple platforms.  Certainly, Java has been around for years, but scripting languages, like python and ruby, are gaining in popularity.  These tools that operate on any platform and pull together information accross the Internet will change the way we develop software.

Some people are calling this Glue coding. Microsoft (perhaps others) tried to coin the name of Mashups to something similar. However, the term Mashups sounds too homegrown and I prefer something more professional to describe the potential of this new way to build software; Glue sounds fine for now.  Regardless of what it's called, Glue is something that is evolving and will either affect or present opportunities to application development that not too many people had considered 10 years ago.  It's certainly a subject on my mind and now part of this new blog; for a new year; and a new decade.

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