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The CRM 4.0 installer has a nice new feature.  The ability to get upgraded setup files prior to running the instalation.  A nice step forward to hopefully address setup issues which are often present in the first release of the components.

Now for my Grip...

I've rarely been lucky enough to get it right the first time.  Usually I have to run the installer, fix a few things, and repeat until succesful.

The problem is that their isn't any 'memory' of the upgraded setup files.  If you have to run the installer a second time, you have to download the files again.  The connection I had was slow enough that it took nearly 20 minutes to update the setup files the first time.  When it came around to do it again, I wasn't patient enough to even consider going through that pain a second time and skipped the update.  I'd prefer not to go with that approach ;)

So if anyone from the MS team gets this message somehow, keep the upgrade strategy but provide a way for the updates to e maintaned or downloaded as a seperate file.  Will help us in he trenches out quite a bit.

Posted on Friday, August 29, 2008 10:41 AM Microsoft CRM | Back to top

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