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As an MSDN subscriber, we get a monthly DVD with recent webcasts.  Sounds great.  Time saved searching and downloading from the site, all the recent webcasts in one place, etc.  We use webcasts and online training regularly for keeping our developers and consultants up to date and informed.

As nice as it is however, several shortcomings....

First, why do they only send 8 or 9?  Not because of capacity, the last full CD had only 145MB used space.  And why not DVD?  They could potentially send all new webcasts for the month. 

And why can't they keep the series consistent?  If you are going to have several segments of a multipart series, why not have all parts of the series?  For example.  I've seen a series that has 15 parts spread across several disks.  However parts 1 and parts 6 are missing.  Why?  Can anyone explain?

So the other option is to download from MSDN....

First you have to log in to passport.  No big deal,  don't have any problem with that.

But then you have to click through about 3 other pages that request information that is already contained within your passport registration.  I'm asked for my name and email address multiple times before i actually get to the download.  What's the point of me signing in if you aren't going to remember who I am?  And I have to repeat this process for each webcast.  Perhaps the people creating this site should watch the webcasts themselves so they can learn how to prevent users from having to do this.

I rarely use the live webcasts.  I download and watch offline at a time convenient for me.  Why not make the process a one click download/view once I've signed in?  Is that too much to ask?

Enough whining for now....

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