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Like all good computer geeks, I try to download and trial all of the latest and greatest versions of software as soon as it is made available by the great geek god MiSDeN (may his code always compile).  Vista was no exception.  At 2.4 GB, even over a broadband connection the download took several hours.  Finally got the ISO, burned to a DVD and installed on a separate partition (of course).

After I finally got it up and running, started to play around with it.  My goal was to put all of my beta’s for, indigo, winfx, etc (all graciously supplied by MiSDeN, may his code always compile) on this partition.  Visions of a programmer’s playground danced in my head.

The good
A gui install was a nice touch.  A big improvement over the blue screen installer of previous versions.
Like the improvements to IE, having a tabbed interface long overdue.  (of course you can run the beta of IE 7.0 on XP as well)

The bad
Little wow factor. 
Not sure what, if anything, being able to resize icons with a slidebar actually brings to the table. 

Installation failed or required a hack for many program.  Finally got VS.Net 2005 installed after finding the hack about installing MSXML 6.0.  Couldn’t get Sql Server 2005 to install at all.  Installing Daemon Tools to read ISO’s resulted in

The ugly
Too unstable to use.  Three times in the week I had it on my machine I had unrecoverable OS errors that required a reformat-reinstall.  I don’t understand why MiSDeN (may his code always compile) would distribute something that his loyal followers would be unable to keep up and running for more then a day at a time.  Yes, I know this is beta software, but couldn’t he have tried to install some of the software he knew his loyal subjects would want to use?  A few days just testing installations seems like little to ask before presenting something to the public.

Oh well, maybe other followers of  MiSDeN (may his code always compile)  have been luckier then I.  Perhaps I have not been tithing enough lately….

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