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As we head into 2010, we are surrounded by friends, relatives and colleagues making personal resolutions – usually focused around finances and weight.  It seems that many people are committed to going from fat to thin…and the technological arena isn’t really any different.  But my resolution is not about weight watchers, pilates, or whatever the diet of the year is. 

You have probably all know about the emerging battle between the Google, thin client model and the fat client approach of Microsoft. Microsoft has no plans of losing weight this year as their fat client approach which requires users to having strong computers and to installing software secures their business. Google on the other hand would like you to think thin this year as they lead the light approach. This means that clients will eventually consume everything via a browser from the web (or Google). So the end-user computers can be less powerful as all they would need is a browser and internet access. This is a revolution in the way we consume our software and services and presents organizations with an opportunity to save great deal on infrastructure, hardware and maintenance. Keep in mind however that Google doesn't do it because they really like us but because they also benefit from having a control over our activity.

At Gizmox (which produces Visual WebGui), we’re making a personal resolution, which isn’t to go from Fat to Thin (Client that is…), but rather to find a balance between Thick and Thin (Client that is…) approaches. We are seeing that the developers are increasingly excited about the Empty Client approach, an emerging open source method, which offers a different approach to architecting, developing and deploying AJAX applications. 

Posted on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 1:05 AM Web Development , Open Source Community , Cloud computing | Back to top

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