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ual WebGui is evolving and as we go new opportunities present themselves. As you all know we have been working hard on maturing Visual WebGui rich web offerings along with adding functionality that you, VWG community members have been asking for. 

This autumn we target to release 6.4 which promises to be the ultimate enterprise rich Internet application solution. 
We still have some mileage ahead of us on the road to turning VWG into standard de facto rich enterprise solution, but apparently we are heading there on a pace that no other platform ever did before. Here are some of the recent evolvements that we would like to share with you.
VWG will be addressing 3 market segments with targeted offerings based on the same core technology: Rich enterprise web Apps. Cloud Apps. and legacy Apps. migration to web and cloud. We will be offering 3 dedicated and focused offerings in all 3 segments.
We are not facing the challenges involved alone. Partnerships with world leaders on the Cloud and Migration will be announced when they mature, those will be highly strategic partnerships that will take the VWG revolution into the next phase.
There are 2 main reasons for this post: 

  1. To let you, Visual WebGui community members in on our plans and the VWG direction and to promise you that the new opportunities will not affect our focus on your needs and supporting them.
  2. We want to announce name challenge, and ask you, VWG community member to participate in a name finding challenge. The chosen names will be reworded by a 5 years subscription, for each name eventually chosen by Gizmox.   

We are looking for names for the following offering: 

  1. Visual WebGui Web suit - it will be a web dedicated development kit with web dedicated designers and controls
  2. Visual WebGui Cloud suit - It will be based on the above but will add some additional cloud dedicated features to enable unlimited scalability over cloud infrastructure, and further abstractions for cloud easy and native deployment.
  3. Migration suit - that will offer the closest as possible solution to automating the VB6 and WinForms migration into web and cloud. 

On each of the above Visual WebGui innovative infrastructure is going to offer the easiest and simplest developer targeted solution, and yet open for developers to extend and customize under our open source approach.

Please send your feedback and suggestions via our Contact form or to

Posted on Sunday, August 2, 2009 12:37 AM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Web Design , Open Source Community , Cloud computing | Back to top

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