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SCOrch 2012

SCSM and Orchestrator 2012 integration

I would like to review SCSM and SC Orchestrator features. My goal is simple – zero admin interaction. Before we will create a workflow we have to prepare our environment: I will connect SCSM 2012 to AD Now I am going to apply Orchestrator Integration Pack for SCSMand connect it (Options strSCSMOption) Let's go back to SCSM and create connector to Orchestrator. Once it be done I will be able to import Orchestrator runbooks into SCSM ......

SC 2012 Orchestrator and Active Directory

Let's create my 1st Orchestrator runbook. I am going to load Active Directory Integration Pack. Register IP with Orchestrator Deploy IP to Runbook Server and Designer Now we have to create connection to Domain controller: Options | Active Directory - Adddon't worry this a random DC name, and isolated VM network J Let's create some runbookwithin Create User subscribe data from Published Data : Initialize Data Let's test it with Runbook Tester ......

How to install System Center 2012 Orchestrator

Let's make a shortcut … as usual.

{Orch_install_media}\setup\setup.exe /Silent /ServiceUserName:%computername%\orch_service /ServicePassword:Password1 /Components:All /DbServer:%computername%\SQLExpress /DbPort:1433 /DbNameNew:OrchestratorDB /WebConsolePort:82 /WebServicePort:81 
/OrchestratorRemote /UseMicrosoftUpdate:0 /SendCEIPReports:0 /EnableErrorReporting:never

Link - self-service-software-ordering-using-scsm-sccm-and-sco