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How to install XenApp 7.5

Saturday, April 12, 2014 6:59 AM

Ha!Ha! XenApp is back! ... Not exactly ... For me XenApp that's IMA architecture, here we have XenDesktop's FMA. Is it better, that's very good question. For me it is just different. Of course I like Broker-Agent concept, but where's my QFARM command? Based of rumors, not confirmed so far by myself, sessions prelaunching, support for retired Citrix streaming and of course Web Interface is back. Let's check it. Hmm .. Looking into official documentation it is not so sweet, sessions prelaunching for sure has been removed.



To install Delivery Controller execute:

ServerManagerCMD -Install NET-Framework-Core
"D:\x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopServerSetup.exe" /xenapp /noreboot /quiet /configure_firewall /components CONTROLLER,DESKTOPSTUDIO,DESKTOPDIRECTOR,LICENSESERVER


To install a worker:

ServerManagerCMD -Install NET-Framework-Core
"D:\x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopVDAsetup.exe" /quiet /components VDA,PLUGINS /controllers XenApp75-1.testdomain.net /enable_remote_assistance /ENABLE_REAL_TIME_TRANSPORT /enable_hdx_ports /nodesktopexperience


After XenDesktop's style Site deployment everything is set and ready … but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkDSP7sdLG8

I'll stay with the true name and features of this product, it is called XenDesktop 7.5, and I really like it …. btw if you agree with me just remove /xenapp from the command line J



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