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October 2013 Entries

How to obtain Visual Studio 2013 for offline installation

Sometimes you have to work in isolated environments, just to not affect production boxes by mistake. So, how can I install Visual Studio 2013 within IP island ?

Download vs_ultimate.exe from http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/eng/downloads

and execute it from CMD with parameter:

vs_ultimate.exe /layout C:\Install\VisualStudio

PowerShell – The first kiss with VMware PowerCLI

Long time ago VMware published they own PowerShell module. Let's take a look on it. First we need to download and install the module.https://my.vmware.co... It is a really simple Next, Next installation, and it creates a shortcut on your desktop. Here you have few simple examples. #add ESXi host$myServer="localhost"$M... = ""$myLocation = "Cluster1"$MyUsername = "root"$MyPassword = "Password1"Add-VMHost -Server $myServer ......