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December 2012 Entries

How to install XenDesktop

Desktop Delivery Controller: "D:\x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopServerSetup... /noreboot /quiet /configure_firewall /components CONTROLLER,DESKTOPSTUDIO,DE... Virtual Desktop Agent: "D:\x86\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopVDAsetup.exe" /noreboot /quiet /components VDA,PLUGINS /controllers xendesktop.testdomain.net /enable_remote_assistance /enable_remote_management /enable_hdx_ports ......

SCSM and Orchestrator 2012 integration

I would like to review SCSM and SC Orchestrator features. My goal is simple – zero admin interaction. Before we will create a workflow we have to prepare our environment: I will connect SCSM 2012 to AD Now I am going to apply Orchestrator Integration Pack for SCSMand connect it (Options strSCSMOption) Let's go back to SCSM and create connector to Orchestrator. Once it be done I will be able to import Orchestrator runbooks into SCSM ......

How to promote pure Server 2008 to Domain Controller

Yesterday I found something nice, but not obvious for me. You don't need to install and prepare anything just run: netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" static interface ip set dns "Local Area Connection" static /answer:CREATE-TESTDOMAIN.txt and server will Install AD role, promote himself to DC, reboot and your domain is ready ! Sample answer file: [DCINSTALL]ReplicaOrNewDoma... ......

How to install SCSM 2012 Management server

Don't forget about prerequisites: SCSMrun and SCSMworkflow accounts with efficient rights – for testing purposes you can add them into local admins SQL Server – SCSMrun must be sysadmin Management server: Start /Wait C:\install\scsm\SCSM2012_RC... /Silent /Install:Server /AcceptEula:YES /RegisteredOwner:testowner /RegisteredOrganization:tes... /CreateNewDatabase /ManagementGroupName:SCSMma... /AdminRoleGroup:YOURDOMAIN\... /ServiceRunUnderAccount:YOU... ......

SC 2012 Orchestrator and Active Directory

Let's create my 1st Orchestrator runbook. I am going to load Active Directory Integration Pack. Register IP with Orchestrator Deploy IP to Runbook Server and Designer Now we have to create connection to Domain controller: Options | Active Directory - Adddon't worry this a random DC name, and isolated VM network J Let's create some runbookwithin Create User subscribe data from Published Data : Initialize Data Let's test it with Runbook Tester ......

How to install System Center 2012 Orchestrator

Let's make a shortcut … as usual.

{Orch_install_media}\setup\setup.exe /Silent /ServiceUserName:%computername%\orch_service /ServicePassword:Password1 /Components:All /DbServer:%computername%\SQLExpress /DbPort:1433 /DbNameNew:OrchestratorDB /WebConsolePort:82 /WebServicePort:81 
/OrchestratorRemote /UseMicrosoftUpdate:0 /SendCEIPReports:0 /EnableErrorReporting:never

SQL 2008 Express silent installation

Wow! Today we have 12.12.12. How many times you needed "quick SQL" for your tests … Let's make it quick. Command line: Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=SQLExpre... /Q However we need an answer file. One for SQL Express, another for SQL Enterprise. You can easy prepare the answer file using manual installation. Within last step of the installer GUI you will see: Time for SQLExpress.ini – don't forget to review all settings and replace PCUSOURCE & SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS settings: [SQLSERVER2008] INSTANCEID="SQLExpress" ......

How to install Windows Server 2008/2012 roles/features using PowerShell

Let's make it faster … A simple PowerShell script Import-Module Servermanager Add-WindowsFeature Application-Server,Hyper-V,WAS -norestart And of course shutdown –r at the end List of roles and features: Role/Service or Main Feature R/S/F Name Installatiom command DHCP Server DHCP Server DHCP Print Services Print Server Print-Services Internet Printing Print-Internet LPD Service Print-LPD-Service Terminal Services Terminal Services Terminal-Services Terminal Server TS-Terminal-Server TS Licensing ......

Link - self-service-software-ordering-using-scsm-sccm-and-sco


How to install .NET 3.5 on Windows Server 2012

Install it with DISM (run cmd.exe as admin), if the setup fails when you try to enable it under "add, remove features"

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /Source:d:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

Replace D: with your DVD drive/USB thumb drive or virtual ISO drive.

Hello World !

Hello World !