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Thin Clients, VDI and Linux integration from the front lines.... Raw and sometimes unedited notes based on my experiences with VMware, Thin Clients, Linux etc.

Supremes shun RIM - again

The Court this week said it would not review the US Court of Appeals' August 2005 verdict that RIM had indeed infringed NTP's patents and which sent the case back to the District Court where RIM now faces the prospect of being told to stop offering its service to US users.

More at

So does this still leave MS enough of an opportunity to get the OEM's tapped up and up to speed with the MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack)? and deliver true push email to mobile devices?

Well that depends doesn't it? So far I've had a number of discussions with other Techies and Customers and in the main the Customer is aware at some level that the Mobile Email market *appears* to be maturing to the point that it might actually be able to deliver a Ronseal Solution ("does what it says on the tin").

Is this the case though? MS's solution is rather predictably tied to an Exchange back-end, fair enough. There's also the Nokia offering of the Business Centre thingy, but when I last checked out the hot news on that it was squaring up to Exchange, and only offering Notes as a maybe in Q1 2006.

Nokia Business Center

Entry Level Server Platform
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0
Single 2.4 GHz P4 CPU
512MB of memory
Mail Server
Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003
Lotus Domino R6.5 (coming soon) <<<< really? still.... <yawn>, don't hold your breath.. 
Mobile Device
A WAP 2.0 or wireless browser is required for Web Access.
OMA Data Synchronization client is required to provide PIM synchronization.
J2ME, MIDP 2.0 client is required for Nokia Business Center Email Client.

Apart from that you have Good Technology, which seems a safe bet as at least on the surface it appears to cope with any device connecting thru to Notes, Exchange, GroupWise, etc. - however it's interesting to note that was another player called JP Mobile with a product called SureWave up until the middle of last year when it was bought by .......  Good Technology!!

Now why do I bring this up? Simple, the reason everyone would like to use MS's offering is they'd like to be in charge of their own systems, with the Solutions from BlackBerry and Good Technology you are locked in to having your email being trafficked thru someone else's DataCentre - HOWEVER with SureWave this was what you could have had:

SureWave® Mobile Office 5.0 Benefits

Mobile Professional Benefits
  • Remote access to e-mail, PIM, and corporate data
  • True IP push: data pushed directly from mail servers to mobile devices (no NOC) <<<<<
  • Freedom to choose the mobile device and carrier
  • Familiar applications and seamless interface to Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or Novell GroupWise
  • Real-time e-mail, calendar, tasks, contact synchronization (wireless and cradle-based)
  • Native Outlook functionality (not an Outlook look-alike or imitation)
  • Rich attachment viewing
  • Easy, web-based user interface
  • Automatic, transparent on-device security
Enterprise Benefits
  • Single infrastructure supports a variety of devices, platforms and networks
  • Fast and easy "no-touch" provisioning and maintenance through wireless downloads
  • Improves Total Cost of Ownership and ROI
  • End-to-end, over-the-air data encryption
  • Centralized, intuitive web-based administrative console
  • Automated and wireless enforcement of security policies
  • 100-percent, behind-the-firewall security
  • Future-proof platform for mobility initiatives

Shame about that......... <snif>  Oh well never mind, another surperior product bought and buried??? 

Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 9:04 PM C500/C600 SmartPhone (or replacement) , Citrix , Exchange and Push Email , IT Management , Real Cool Stuff , Microsoft Tips , Security | Back to top

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