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Thin Clients, VDI and Linux integration from the front lines.... Raw and sometimes unedited notes based on my experiences with VMware, Thin Clients, Linux etc.

I noticed at work yesterday that Gareth has also picked up a C500 from Orange as well as Chris and Michael, so as I am now on my second SmartPhone ( I did have an Motorola MPx200 before the C500) I thought I'd share some tips?

I have now got Tom Tom Mobile 5 working with a Bluetooth connected GPS and I have to say this is real sweet - I've always thought the PDA's are just a little big for what I wanted, but I was keen to try the GPS Navigation side of things. Position on the road - even at 70 - 80 mph - is very accurate, voice works well even without a headset, this is the best money I have ever spent as now it means less arguments with the missus as to which way were going and if this the actual way to the Hotel, etc...

You might want to consider the following hardware accs... (mileage may vary? .... ;-))
Phone Cover/Case and belt loop
£4 + £3 delivery

Bluetooth GPS
Just over £50 plus £11 delivered via FedEx from Singapore
Get this - Ordered at 11:00 AM on a Friday - FedEx were trying to deliver to me on a Monday morning at 8:57AM - WOW!!
It will power/recharge on the supplied cable - but apparently you will need another differently wired cable to facilitate using the GPS via USB in to Laptop as COM Port if you do not have Bluetooth functionality in Laptop already.

512Mb Mini-SD Card
Something like this will do £18 + £10 delivery from Hong Kong - you can pay more to have a quicker service from UK
If you really want more?......
Try a 1Gb Mini-SD for £42 + £7 delivery
Main thing is to get FAST memory... enough said?

A couple of other bits of Software I have added to my standard Phone "build" is Tube Map from VisualIT, Fizz Traveller 2.0, PHM Registry Editor (for the real Geeks? ;-) and Xbar 2.0 at for a review of what this does. You might also want to hunt down SPVInvaders if you like games? as this is just like the original Space Invaders - but now on your SmartPhone.

Now if you'd like to use the functionality of sending SMS's from your PC via the Phone then perhaps you need this?

I was rather taken with Gareths home screen - so if you could send me the *.HME file that you have for that Gareth? Much appreciated....

Some other Software I have seen mentioned and will be testing later:
NES Emulator - good old Nintendo games like Super Mario. Excellent graphics

Fonix Voice Dial - good, put I wished it worked from my BT headset.
Smart Explorer - leaves the standard one for dead and its free!
Kevtris - I'm a Tetris freak and this one rocks.
Geotrend Task+ - allows u to modify tasks unlike the standard app.
PocketTV - love watching movies on the go
Orneta Notepad - great app for txt files
Pacman - like space invaders its just like the original
Quickclose - closes all open apps and frees up more memory than other app closes do.
Links Golf - graphics are awesome and game play is reasonably quick.
DoColdBoot - great little app that turns off & on phone with one click.

And if you ever want advice on how to get something working etc, then the best place I've found to check is:

Cheers Chaps,
PS: share any tips you have?

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2005 12:09 AM C500/C600 SmartPhone (or replacement) | Back to top

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