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In case you haven't seen it yet from your other OneNote sources...

Mike Tholfsen, renowned OneNote song writer and test manager is now blogging about OneNote and Education. Mike is known to several of the OneNote education folks in Seattle as the OneNote Ninja. He is going to be blogging about how OneNote can be used in education from kindergarten to adult education.

I am happy to see this whole in the blogosphere filled. OneNote is a great tool for educators and students alike. The ability to take notes in an organized way is a skill everyone should have, but that is only half the story here. By creating shared notebooks with class materials, teachers also make it easier to create repeatable lessons. This means more time to spend on teaching, less time spent on prep work. I have created many an adult class in OneNote - when I show them off to others, they are always amazed at the possibilities.

Mike's first post tells you all about what he wants to do with the blog:

Some of the types of OneNote-related entries I hope to cover in this blog include:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Schools
  • Collaborative learning
  • Collaborative curriculum development
  • OneNote education samples
  • OneNote tips for education
  • Future directions for OneNote and education
  • Corporate eLearning, training and on-boarding
  • Corporate educators
  • A bunch of other fun stuff

Check the blog out and welcome Mike to the Blogosphere!

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