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The tour is almost over. I meant to blog quite a few things during the tour, but just didn't have the energy or free time. I am going to try to draft the notes up into a reasonable blog entry. Most of the notes I have are about reactions people have had to OneNote….

Basic reactions

People have really liked what I have show them about OneNote. Many, many people have asked why they haven’t ever heard of it. It solves problems and organizes information in ways they want.

People want to know why Microsoft hasn't been putting more effort into showing off and advertising OneNote. They haven't heard of it before this tour, but now that they have seen it, they want to use it.

Everyone relaxes when I show them the OneNote 2007 Guide. The idea that "how to use" information is added automatically when you install is loved. That section allows them to follow along with what I do and still remember how to use the tools later.

People want to know why OneNote isn't in Office 2007 Professional. They like that it is in Office 2007 Home and Student. They would love it if OneNote were in Pro as well.

The Magic

I have had OneNote doing some tricks through out the tour. The tricks that go over best? Close without save and USB access. At one point in almost every presentation, I pull the USB drive from my laptop without releasing it. I then tell them that the notes on the screen are stored on that drive. Gets people thinking. Love the reactions, love the ideas it spawns even more.

The automatic OCR of scanned, printed, and inserted text always gets a great reaction. Once people starting putting together the ideas of the OCR and the search, they start to really role with questions and ideas.

Other pieces of magic people like are as simple as napkin math and as complicated as password protection. I really wish I had more time in the hour to do more tricks. I would love to see their reactions to audio search, but I can't quite fit it in the hour I have to talk.

Tools people would like to see

Every time I have shown OneNote this month, three tools have been asked for:

  1. People want a tool to take stuff from Family Tree Maker and put it into OneNote and vice versa. Genealogy folks also want to be able to take stuff from the other programs and formats as well.
  2. People want to be able to connect OneNote content and Outlook Express. Same goes for Windows Mail. Those who have Office 2007 Home and Student want it very badly, since it doesn't have Outlook.
  3. People want a way to pull in notes they already have in other programs/other file formats/ on paper in a more automated way and have the inserted content go where they want it. They especially want to be able to define where scanned input goes when they scan it, not before hand.

One last note:

People love the flexibility of OneNote. The fact that it works they way they want it to without them having to adjust to the tool is loved. Favorite applications so far for OneNote are recipes, password and URL lists, to do lists (ok - Honey Do Lists), and the automatic backups.

All in all - it's been a great experience. I will be glad to be done come the end of the week. But at the same time, I will miss the thrill of watching people fall in love with a piece of software that changed my life!

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2008 10:36 PM OneNote , UserGroup | Back to top

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# re: What I have learned from the tour
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Thanks for this post. I always thought that OneNote was for college kids to take notes in class (not sure why I thought that).
I picked up a new notebook this past week and then found myself using OneNote for some basic notes. Nothing fancy. But reading your post here, makes me want to go try the USB trick (and maybe put more in the page than just text).
Cheers and I hope Microsoft sends you a little love somehow.
Left by Dave B on Feb 18, 2008 11:02 PM

# re: What I have learned from the tour
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Hi! Kathy. It is so nice to be doing something that is from the heart. And you would know you do it right because you have seen it in the eyes of those who listen to you.

Congratulations! I will try to get one and try it myself.
Left by Hunee on Feb 18, 2008 11:13 PM

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