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As I prepare to embark on this grand tour of Arizona User Groups, it occurs to me that I should have some place on the web for the people attending the presentations to learn more about OneNote. Instead of trying to give them a piece of paper with the links on it, I am going to start my own list right here on my blog. This way, I have it electronic whenever I need it and I don't kill trees!


OneNote blogs:


David Rasmussen's Blog - OneNote tips, from a developer's point of view. Lots on shared notebooks.


Chris Pratley's OneNote Blog - Originator of OneNote. Great history of how the product came to be and what it was like to start it. Not on the OneNote team any longer, but still fairly involved.


Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog - Blog of the current OneNote PM at Microsoft. Great for seeing summaries of what the web is saying about OneNote.  Not a lot of new information, but a good round up of what else is out there.


OneNote Testing - John Guin's blog. John Is a big part of the OneNote test effort at Microsoft. His blog is full of tales of testing, but also of great tools to make OneNote work even better for you.


Nota Bene - Michael Oldenburg's blog. Michael is on the Office Online team. His blog is all about OneNote, Office Online and sometimes even the rest of Office.


The Student Tablet PC - Great bits about Mobile computing in general. Might even find a mention of me and my recorder there. OneNote specific stuff published semi-regularly. - Your source for everything mobile in the computing world. Believe me. It's here.


Marcus' Bloggity Blog - Several pieces on why he loves OneNote and how he uses it on a daily basis.


OneNote accessories:


A summary of the OneNote powertoys from the test team for 2007 - Entry in John Guin's blog with all of the OneNote power toys/accessories built by the OneNote test team in 2007. And there were a lot of them - 21 from that team alone!


The Road to Know Where - Microsoft MVP Blake Handler provides a great general interest blog. But the piece that interests you the most is probably his list of free Microsoft Software for 2007. If you go to the list and scroll down a bit, you will find the OneNote 2007 list. It's a pretty comprehensive list too!


Other OneNote sites:


My One and Only OneNote - OneNote official song. Written and performed by Mike Tholfsen


Seeing the light about OneNote - Musings of a recent OneNote convert.


OneNote notebooks from Office Online - 17 starter notebooks on several different topics.


OneNote section/page templates from Office Online - All the rest of the good stuff in terms of templates for OneNote. You never know what new stuff the Office Online crew is going to come up with, so check back every once in a while!


Other related sites:


Templates blog - Office Online team's template blog. Provides information about the different templates available from Office Online and how they came to be.


Manage This!  - blog on management and productivity. Home to the OneNote DROE (Daily Record of Events) Tool and the OneNote GTD template set.



I know there are more sites than this. Help me out here. Add some more to the comments. After all, this page could get between 1000 and 2000 visitors during the tour - you would hate to have them miss something as good as your recommendations, wouldn't you?

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# re: OneNote Resources
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Nice work on this product. My only real complaint is the apparent speed of adotion and sharing of templates throughout the community. Other Office apps had a significant user contribution groundswell within 6 months of v1.0, so what's wrong with OneNote? Seriously, there are quite a few people using this even at Microsoft current;ly- you'd think there would be more publically available examples of how people are putting it to use. C'mon people...
Left by ex-softie on Feb 23, 2008 4:35 AM

# re: OneNote Resources
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What about creating a OneNote template based on GTD (Getting Things Done)?. There are a lot of people interested on it, some are trying it their own
way... just search "GTD Onenote". I´m sure that an "official" template will boost the sales of OneNote since
it will automatically gather that whole target market.
Left by Project Management Templates on Sep 28, 2009 7:10 PM

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