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Part 2 - The idea

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  1. A little more Live Mesh (CTP)
  2. The Actors
  3. The Modern Approach

1. A little more Live Mesh (CTP)

Today, online and offline tend to be two different approaches for building software. Most software companies offer either online or offline versions of their software.

If they somehow offer both then mostly sure one is a limited (reduced functionality) version of the other. Moreover companies tend to create a gap between the time when the offline and the online version gets updated. You always hear thing like "the online version does not yet support feature X that is available in the desktop version. Will be available soon". The bad thing is the soon might mean a couple of months.

Creating software that works the same way both online and offline is not a new idea but until not it would require a lot of overhead. There was the need to simulate either the offline environment online or the reverse.

Now, with Live Mesh, the online environment is simulated on the local machine with no overhead for the developer. The guys from Microsoft resolved this problem and they've simplified our lives.

There are some aspects that need to be clarified as pointed in Part 1 about online services and applications:

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