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Here’s a screenshot of my document in Word 2007:

Word Bug A

That’s exactly what I wanted: three columns in different shades. Hurray for Word 2007!

Then I saved as PDF. Here’s a screenshot from Acrobat:

Word Bug B

I don’t know why the colors “leaked” like that, but it’s bad.

And while I could imagine this being Acrobat, not word, this is clearly Word’s fault. I added a line to Column C, but made no other changes. Here’s the screenshot from Word:

Word Bug C

More of the same strange color leaking. Not acceptable, not in my marketing literature! I hope I can track down a fix or a workaround.

Note: Any suggestions to switch to Google Docs or another alternative will be politely ignored. I love Office. I’m a power user and more. I can’t live without its mountains of powerful features that work exactly the way I expect. But that doesn’t stop me from whining when I want more, especially when I want a bug fixed. For once, I’m the end user, not the developer; and as a developer, I know this unshakable truth: end users whine, no matter what you give them. It’s my turn to whine.

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