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As I’ve written elsewhere, I love maps. And I love a story that includes maps. Maps help me to see where the action takes place; and they give me tantalizing clues to action yet ahead. When I first opened a hardcover of The Hobbit and unfolded the big map of Wilderland, I was hooked.

So for those who love maps like I do, here’s a map of Carnivore Park. (Click picture for a larger image.) This is where the rest of the story takes place; and following it is a map guide that may contain clues to what lies ahead.

Carnivore Park

Carnivore Park lies within a dormant volcanic island, bought and run by Owner. The volcano cone makes a natural barrier to dinosaurs – and to prying eyes, of course. The west end faces open ocean. The east end faces Central America, though a long way away. The east end beach has been artificially built up, along with two breakwaters. A concrete apron allows cargo and passengers to disembark and take the switchback up the slope to the entrance to The Park.

The interior of The Island may seem natural, but it’s actually nearly 100% sculpted or planted. The topsoil has been imported from rich fertile swamps on the mainland. The river has some contribution from springs and runoff, but is heavily fed by a hidden desalination plant. The ridge through the Park is actually a concrete wall, with interior chambers and bolt holes. The plateaus of the visitor center are partly natural, but largely shaped concrete. Roads run along the ridges, sometimes fenced from the dinosaurs, sometimes separated by “natural” barriers, and sometimes exposed.

The Visitor Port

Ship and helicopter landings.

Carnivore Park

The main park buildings reside on a set of artificially enhanced plateaus. Trees and other obstacles are carefully arranged to block any view of dinosaurs from the Pavilion or the rest of the control area; but the Lodge is elevated so that the higher (and more expensive) storeys have a view into the main Park.

The Pavilion

This is the entry to the Park. It includes the Operations Center, the Gift Shop, the Quick Bite Café, the Boring Exposition, and the Laboratories.

Gift Shop

Souvenir shop. Sells Park merchandise. Also sells LoungeWare.

Quick Bite Café

A cafeteria.Specializes in curried “dinosaur” dishes (actually chicken).

The Boring Exposition

Auditorium named for Wayne H. Boring. Used for reviews and presentations.

Operations Center

The nerve center for the Park.

The Laboratories

A sign on the door reads “Here there be dragons!”

The Lodge

Guest lodging at the Park. Across from The Pavilion.


Nightclub at the top of The Lodge.

The Food Chain

Restaurant in The Lodge.

The Pool

A place to unwind when not out seeing the dinosaurs.

On The Rocks

Bar near The Pool.

The Petting Zoo

An area near the Pool where small, cute dinosaurs are available for petting and feeding.

The Park

A giant, dormant volcano cone, perfect for confining dinosaurs.

The Garden

Where the herbivores run “free”. Visitors can approach by ascending walking trails.

Carnivore Country

An area where various smaller carnivores roam.

Rex’s Crib

An area set aside for Tyrannosaurs Rex specimens, including extra reinforced fencing and other safeguards.

Raptor Country

An area dedicated to Velociraptors and their prey.

The Backlots

Fenced areas deep within the public viewing areas, well-screened by trees. These are areas where workers prepare and care for dinosaurs (and dinosaur meals) before release into the viewing areas. Each has a number of isolation pens, carefully screened by trees from other pens.

River Country

A boat tour (not yet approved by Money Man) through swamp and river dinosaur habitats. Also passes through The Glasshouse.

The Glasshouse

A large glass enclosure for flying dinos.

The Power Center

Includes a geothermal power station, water pumps, and fence control.

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