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They are pretty, aren't they?




As much as I'm excited about Rosario, I can't give Rosario credit for these diagrams. It's still a Community Tech Preview, remember.

No, I draw most of my production diagrams these days with Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems. I'm really looking forward to Rosario's integration with VSTS's process tools, which I find to be top-notch; but until Rosario can match it, Enterprise Architect is my second-favorite UML tool. (It's my first favorite if we ignore the UML tool I wrote.) It's incredibly powerful and full-featured, especially at the low price of $199 a seat!

EA is the primary UML tool I use in my consulting work, and I often persuade my clients to purchase it as well. It's also the tool I use when I given UML talks. And although I teach my one-day UML class with just pen and paper to keep things simple, I teach the students to use EA in my longer classes. I have them install the trial version; but by the end of the week, they usually decide to buy it. It's that good, and I show them how to get productive use of it quickly.

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