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UPDATE: Fixed a missing arrow in page 2.

Last week, we saw previews of my AADoDN talk. Before that, we saw Office Race, the first Ulterior Motive Lounge game. Now The Reader and The UML Guy return to the Lounge... (Click the pictures for larger images.)

Episode 13a

Episode 13b

I can't imagine why a film with a protagonist named Marty would be one of my favorites...

Many thanks to my guest stars: @coreyhaines, @curtisgray, @anklebuster, @jbkazoo, and @crazeegeekchick!

Besides being a cleaner Activity Diagram than we saw in Office Race, this diagram adds two new bits of notation: boxes that represent Objects that are affected by Activities; and dashed arrows (Data Flows) that shown how and when an Activity affects a given Data Object. Just remember: when you follow a dashed arrow, it's to read or write data; but control flow stays where you started. After you finish reading or writing, return to the start of the arrow.

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