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Because I have moved to a new company, new position, and I am using new technologies this seems as good a time as any to change the focus of this blog.  I have received some commentary to broaden my perspective and I will take this change to change and broaden the scope of my blog.

More than just code clip_image001

I plan to include all sorts of things I come across in my job like:

  • General coding practices and SOLID coding principals
  • Interviewing and career advice
  • For other things I am passionate about like my Christian faith, exercise and diet, frugal living, landscaping, my wife and son, etc I may start another blog.  I'll link to it if / when I get around to it.


Thinking outside the blog clip_image003

In response to one reader's comment I should be thinking about the bigger picture.  I assure you that I do but I haven't shared those thoughts on this blog.  But that left my blog entries with very limited relevance.  I still want to provide tips to things I can't find on the web and not just add more stuff to the online pile of opinions.  My blog will still primarily be a place to share recurring issues I encounter in my career and I will I still include code examples if they are novel enough to be of interest. 

With this entry included :) hold me responsible for providing enough context for my examples to make sense and clearly articulate their relevance.



I haven't engaged with other bloggers and the web like I should in this blog.  I occasionally contribute to other blogs and contact other bloggers.  Sometimes I post to forums, sometimes I email authors, bloggers, and others.  I will link to those where possible and where approval is given.  For instance, Damon Overboe is a friend of mine with great blog on similar topics that I plan to cover and I get my images from so I can use images without fear of breaking copyright laws.



Regularity  clip_image007 

I will start posting on a regular basis.  This is in part due to the fact that I have been studying for a master’s degree which I now proudly hold.  That should free up some time for a blog entry once a month or once every two weeks, I'll keep you posted.  I'll try not to say much unless I have something relevant to say (present blog entry not included).

That's it

It's a new year, I have a new job, a new baby boy, and a new blog.  I hope you like the blog.


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