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I can go a long time without time off, or at least time away from the office, but I hit tilt today.

It started early with not being able to find the code for the book to upload. Then when I did, I realized I hadn’t tracked chapter changes in the code so although the code was good, naming was wrong… fail!

Then at the office trying to finish the latest refactoring effort I got to the point of adding Help files and wanted to add a Help button in a new column in a couple places.

Things just looked hinky and man I liked how this was working and did NOT want to dork around with the html on this sucker.

But I did, and was just killing myself trying to figure out WTF… it seemed like the one and only column was over 700 pixels when everything was less than 550. I’m adding crap up with a calculator even just for sanity’s sake, and can’t find it.

So the next best thing is to pull tr sections out with my editor, refresh the UI in VS and if it is still 700, put it back in and go to the next.

There are maybe 8 rows and number 7 was it. But I’m still not seeing it. So line by line I start taking it apart and wait a minute… what’s that label… oh crap… my predecessor stuck a label in as a spacer to get a line to wrap instead of a break and that’s my 700 pixel line… $%&**#!… ok… replaced that with a br and wow… things are swell.

Saved that all out, picked up my toys, turned in my time sheet and status report, and hit the air… I’ll put the button in on Monday.

This is just the latest and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. I’ve had 60 non-breakable spaces in multiple forms, and labels as spacers isn’t new… I just thought I’d cleaned this one up… sigh.

Note to self… assume nothing, expect nothing, do it your own darn self.

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 5:57 PM Rants , Coding | Back to top

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