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There is a new version of Office Communicator Mobile available.

But one feature that I really want is still missing, i.e. for COMO (Communicator Mobile) to run of the storage card. Microsoft Guys please can you add this? The main memory on the phones are not huge you know, typically about 100 MB or less, which gets consumed by every other app for some reason or other wanting to dump some files into the /Windows.

Technet points to the folowing

"Can I install Communicator Mobile (2007 release) on my device’s storage card?

No. Installing Communicator Mobile (2007 release) on a storage card is not supported because a device does not necessarily immediately detect a storage card when the device starts. As a result, Communicator Mobile’s auto-start feature cannot function as intended. Installing Communicator Mobile to a storage card is also not supported because when a device’s battery is low, the operating system stops running programs that are installed on the device’s storage card."

But what if I don't want communicator on my today screen or for it to auto start, then can I please still install it on my Storage card.

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