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Ok, you perhaps already know that there are components out there that will let you syndicate the contents of SharePoint sites. Rss Syndication may or may not be a welcome alternative to SharePonit alerts but lets face it for alerts regarding a site I'd prefer the Rss route, I am sure we all hate inbox clutter.

So here is a list of few of the Rss syndication systems out there

- Syndication Generator from Maurice

- Rss Syndicator by Sig Webber

- SPSynd by DevHawk

Out of those 3 the one I prefer is 'Syndication Generator' primarily because I find the system of setting up channels containing a selection SharePoint content to syndicate more appelaing and easier to manage.

But all 3 of them have one common problem; i.e. if you are using or going to use Sharepoint as your base for collaboration then most probably you are going to run your site windows authentication to administer security across your site collection. So typically with the above 3 syndicators if you a user does not have have 'Reader' rights to a SharePoint list and if that list is being syndicated, then you are going to get some kind of error message in your feed. Ideally if the user does not have Reader rights to a list he or she should not get any list items from that list syndicated to him.

About a year back I had to invoke a fix prior to deploying SPSynd.

Secondly the biggest setback that I am aware of is with aggregation, I am yet to find a desktop aggregator (preferably free) that fully supports Windows Authentication. So far I know Rss Bandit supports Windows authentication to some extent, but still there is a problem when adding a Rss Feed, it throws up an error when trying to resolve the Feeds Title.

SharpReader on the other hand, keeps prompting you for authentication details, and doesnt get beyond that point. Fead Reader exhibits the same symptoms.

The bigger dilemna is that, what aggregaotr your users run is a matterof personal choice, and in the domain of aggregators having support for Windows authentication is an insignificant feature.

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# re: Brooding about RSS & SharePoint
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The bug with resolving feed titles for authenticated feeds is fixed in the next version. In the meantime, you can avoid this by not using the 'Get title from feed' option and instead providing a title yourself.
Left by Dare Obasanjo on Mar 05, 2005 8:11 PM

# re: Brooding about RSS & SharePoint
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Not free, but Newsgator handles Windows Authentication fine. You set a property on the feed.
Left by Jason Dossett on Mar 07, 2005 4:23 PM

# re: Brooding about RSS & SharePoint
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Sorry about that, I totally forgot about your RSS syndicator.
I tried setting it up but couldnt get past that, the server apparently seemed to be returning a ComException (I have it running on a different virtual server).

Anyways Jan here are two hiccups I see in deploying it. Supposing you had a Portal box with about 1000 WSS sites on it, and the administration of each WSS site was delegated to the Site Owner. Firstly each Site Owner will have to get their hands on the Rss Feeds Administration client (which is an external application) ideally this should just be a WebPart, in which case if a Site Owner wanted his site to be RSS enabled, all he had to do is add the WebPart to the Site. And the other catch is if a Site Owner opened up Rss Feeds Administration client he will be able to see (may not have access to it, but definitely can see) all the subscriptions created on the Server.

But nevertherless I think your Rss Syndicator has one advantage over all the others I have mentioned above. i.e. you can add lists from multiple WSS Sites to a single subscription. This is neat!

Left by Tariq on Mar 08, 2005 8:29 AM

# re: Brooding about RSS & SharePoint
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Bluedog limited visited, and reply posted.

Re. SG, yes I know SG can sydicate aggregated content. That is awesome. btw. the sample Rss feed on your post claims SG to be at, do we have a release comming out soon?

Re. IntraVnews, yup I know it can do Windows auth. Peter has done an awesome job with Intravnews. Its what I use, but the choice of aggregator is like the choice of underwear (if you pardon my french), theres so many options out there, and when there are free alternatives it is going to be tough to convince folks let anlong an organisation to invest in an aggregator.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping RssBandint 1.3 comes out soon.
Left by Tariq on Mar 18, 2005 7:04 PM

# re: Brooding about RSS & SharePoint
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Having a conversation on two blogs is not as easy as it seems... :)

I always test bug fixes, etc. in a production environment (i.e. my server) to make sure everything is working as expected. V2.0.0.7 is next in line, but I'm not sure when it will be released. Still collecting data... :)

Re: readers. I totally grok what you're after. I personally love intra because it's tied into Outlook. Although there are really nice free apps available, I'd rather have my feeds routed to Outlook.
Left by Maurice Prather on Mar 18, 2005 7:49 PM

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