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Tuesday 28th Dec, 2nd day after the tsunami hit.

More than 1 million people in Sri Lanka alone affected, and it’s very hard to get back to normal life. At work your mind just isn’t on work. Every few minutes I keep checking the Reuters site or this list.

Rumors that are floating around aren’t helping. For instance several offices closed yesterday in panic because it was rumored that another quake of magnitude 9.2 had struck. Today too there was a call saying that the sea level was rising again. Even though the incident has passed people are still in fear that it might happen again, especially since there is still a lot of activity along those tectonic plates, and all the while the casualty reports keep rising.

Yesterday I was told that some distant relatives are missing and there’s no trace of their house left.

And theres just sooo many people right now who have nothing, they will have to start their lives right from scratch.

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