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Was catching up on my Rss feeds and noticed that there we a bunch of SharePoint tools released, almost as if it was Christmas already.

Here is the list with my first impressions

  1. SharePoint Explorer

This is a neat tool except for one annoying issue i.e.; the lack of validation specially for entering the ‘SharePoint Url’ in the Settings tab. If the URL is entered without a trailing ‘/’ it throws an exception, and oh yes when you enter your credentials for the WebService to use make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder.

  1. SharePoint Services web service browser

A nice tool for querying the Web Services of SharePoint. Has the same quirks as the SharePoint Explorer tool. Basically this looks very much like a simplified version of WebServiceStudio 2.0. WebServiceStudio gives you more control. The advantage that SharePoint Services Web Service Browser has over WebServiceStudio is that it gives you a list of WebServices that SharePoint has exposed, with WebServiceStudio you wouldn’t know what the Web Service Url is, unless you poked around a bit or launched VS.NET and took a look at the Web Services.

  1. XML Importer

Neat tool for importing data from Xml files to SharePoint lists. It basically lets you map out what nodes in the Xml file maps to what fields in the SharePoint list and then imports the data. The tool contains very obvious UI issues, but other than for that it’s a neat idea. It almost resembles a tool I created for a customer some time back that imported data from flat files into SharePoint lists (it did much more than that, but that’s the similarity).

  1. The People Finder WebPart

Haven’t tried this one out yet. But I presume it does what it says; searches for people on Portal Server (only people not documents) based on the persons name.

  1. SharePoint User Manager

I think this will be cool when it is finished. Right now it lists the users, groups and roles of a particular site.

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