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Some things I got burnt by recently.

Hope you guys are aware of these.

1) If you right click on a WebPart Page on a document library and say Save Target As (i.e. from IE’s context menu) what you are going to get is the HTML normally sent to the browser and not the WebPart composition. It makes perfect sense actually since the browser is requesting for a ‘Smart Page’ from SharePoint and there for SharePoint sends it HTML. Now having said that even though it makes perfect sense it is not too obvious.

So if you want to move/extract a WebPart Page use WebDAV or the WSS OM to extract it for example

  1. Explorer view in SharePoint’s document library
  2. Web Folder on Windows Explorer
  3. Jims SPExport tool
  4. Anything else as long as it doesn’t involve the browser

2) If in a document library you have a WebPart Page, and this contains DVWPs, then when you save the document library as a template with the content inclusive the DVWPs will not be included.

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