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Perhaps it’s a sign that I am getting old (although I really doubt that since I am along way from 30 and still play Counter Strike often). Recently I’ve been scouring the net for tweaks to products I use just to find ways of enabling features that I could really look forward to.

The 2 on the top of my list are

  1. Outlook 2003

I’ve been looking for a tweak or a ‘How-To to create a view similarly to how GMail shows the inbox and emails stacked by conversations. And I don’t mean the default ‘Group by Conversations’ view, that just doesn’t cut it, in-fact I think the group by conversations view is buggy. For me its seems to be grouping the original email separately from all the replies. What I am talking about is a real group by conversations that groups the original email, all replies, and mails from your ‘sent items’ folder that relate too.

  1. Windows Media Player

I know you are going to point your finger at me and say hey check out Windows Media Player 10 it’s so cool! But here’s the deal, I have a ball of features that I would like to see in it. And at the top of my list is customizable keyboard shortcuts. To tell you the truth I find the current keyboard shortcuts in WMP a bit inaccessible. For instance to play/pause I have to press 2 keys (i.e. Ctrl + P) and unless you really know what those default shortcuts keys are you have to go hunting around the keyboard to find the next combination for instance what was the keyboard shortcut to play the next song, is it Ctrl + F for forward or Ctrl + N for next. I think those chaps at Nullsoft got it right when they did the keyboard shortcuts for WinAmp, those shortcuts relate to me because they take only a single key to activate, and are in the order of the buttons on the player.

Then there is the player itself. One of the nicest things about WMP is that you can minimize it to the taskbar. If not for that, even though you can shrink (re-size) WMP 10 it to its ultra small mode which is also very welcome, it’s a little too big. But that’s not what I don’t like. What I don’t like is the fact that when you move it around it doesn’t snap to edges of the screen. This might not seem like a mega problem, but from a usability angle it would make it a tad bit easier to position the player on the edge of the screen. Considering that I totally lost with fact that you can’t position the player at the top edge of the screen.

And then there is the other area which I think Winamp rocks, and that’s with searching the media library. I still find Winamp’s ability to filter items in the media library handier as opposed to WMP’s search.

With all that said, I keep jumping between Winamp and WMP, jumping because Winamp is a bit more useable and WMP because with no additional plug-ins the music quality is awesome.

Maybe I am just too picky, or maybe with every new software that’s written the bar goes higher and higher.

So if any of you know any good tweaks I am all ears.

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I think winamp also rocks since it allows you to actually type the time in the file you want to get at while watching a video. The keyboard shortcut for jump to time in winamp is ctrl+J and this allows you to type the exact time. For example, you can type 40:00 and the slider will take you to the 40th minute. This is not possible in windows media player.
Left by karan on Mar 13, 2005 5:00 AM

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