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Recently a colleague of mine was faced with the problem of moving content from one WSS Site to another, with almost all the lists you can save the content in a template and recreate the list, but that is not possible with the Issues List. For some reason beyond my comprehension the Issues List does not let you save the content to a template.

Here is a small tip on this, but I do not recommend it.

The SharePoint ‘_Site’ database contains a table called UserData that stores the contents of all lists. One of the fields on this table is named tp_ListId and stores the GUID of the list the data row corresponds to. Also the Lists table contains configuration data regarding lists all the lists on SharePoint such as the lists name (tp_Title), the list’s guid (tp_Id), and the next, and the next available list item id to use (tp_NextAvailableId).

With this information in mind it should be fairly easy to write a few sql queries to move the issues list over from one site to another. One thing you should note is that after updating the data in the UserData table you should make it a point to also update the tp_NextAvailableId field to avoid an error.

Use with utmost care. Please remember meddling with the database is not supported, and can lead to devastating problems.

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