January 2010 Entries

My New Internet Explorer 8 Homepage

My New Internet Explorer 8 Homepage (is an error message).

Utility that uses the CUserDomainSid class

Here is a utility that can be used to correct inadvertently restricted items in the Windows system registry.

Using System.Management to get the User, Domain and SID

I have seen a few examples of VBS scripts used to get the User ID, Domain and SID of the current user. This information is valuable when making registry modifications for the current user programatically. I needed a way to retrieve that information in a .NET module to include in other .NET programs.

Web Services Call including the XML and Linq namespaces

This (console app) example calls to two different web services. One of which returns raw XML as the result and the other returns a regular (pre-parsed) object. This can be used as a reference for XML and SOAP and a minor LINQ reference.