Mixed Lang Stuff (again)

OK, here I go again on the mixed language stuff.

I continue to be impressed by the capabilities of DOT NET.  This time, it's in the realm of salvaging legacy code. 

This included graphic shows a project I've been working on this week where I needed to leverage a lot of legacy MFC code.  Originally, I was just going to write this in C# as I do most new projects, but needing to rewrite some of the classes I had previously written (using MFC) in another project made me come to my senses.

If I wrote the new app in C++/CLI, I would not need to rewrite the MFC-flavored classes.  I had already started a couple of classes in C#, however.  There are many things easier done in C#, I'll admit.

What to do? What to do?

Remembering a previous project where I combined MFC, CLI and Web Services, I called upon that same technique to also include the previously coded C# classes.


If the project type is C++ (DOT NET), the project will understand all DOT NET namespaces and assemblies as well as C/C++ header files.  It'll even hande the linking.  TOO COOL!

The technique is just to add everything as a project to the "Solution", set the dependencies, the references, the namespaces and the header includes and THAT'S IT!  (...sounds like a lot, but it's not)

The question I have for the DOT NET community is WHY IS THERE NOT MUCH TALK ABOUT C++ anymore?

posted @ Friday, June 6, 2008 6:17 AM

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