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O’Reilly are offering 50% off a range of books designing scalable systems to 05:00 PT 1 October 2014 at

Getting Started with Impala

“This practical book shows you how to write, tune, and port SQL queries and other statements for a Big Data environment using Impala, the open source, MPP SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop. The best practices outlined inside help database developers and business analysts design schemas that interoperate with other Hadoop components, are convenient for administers to manage and monitor, and accommodate future expansion in data size and evolution of software capabilities.”

Using Flume

Using Flume shows operations engineers how to configure, deploy, and monitor a Flume cluster, and teaches developers how to write Flume plugins and custom components for their specific use-cases. You’ll learn about Flume’s design and implementation, as well as various features that make it highly scalable, flexible, and reliable. Code examples and exercises are available on GitHub.”

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

“Want to know how the best software engineers and architects structure their applications to make them scalable, reliable, and maintainable in the long term? This book examines the key principles, algorithms, and trade-offs of data systems, using the internals of various popular software packages and frameworks as examples.”

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