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Stylecop has been released at

This is an update to coincide with the latest ReSharper. The full fix list is: (508dbac00ffc)
Fix for 7344. Don't throw 1126 inside default expressions.
Fix for 7371. Compare Namespace parts using the CurrentCulture and not InvariantCulture.
Fix for 7386. Don't throw casing violations for filed names in languages that do not support case (like Chinese). Added new tests.
fix for 7380. Catch Exception caused by CRM Toolkit.
Update ReSharper 7.0 dependency to 7.0.1 (7.0.1098.2760)
Fix for 7358. Use the RuleId in the call to MSBuild Logging.
Fix for 7348. Update suggestion text for constructors.
Fix for 7364. Don't throw 1126 for New Array Expressions.
Fix for 7372. Throw 1126 inside catch blocks wasn't working. Add new tests.
Fix for 7369. Await is allowed to be inside parenthesis. Add new tests.
Fix tests
Correct styling issues.
Fix for 7373. Typeparam violations were not being thrown in all cases. Added new tests.
Fix for 7361. Rule 1120 was logging against the root element and so Suppressions wouldn't work. Fixed and added tests.
Updating de-DE resources - from Michael Diermeier - thank you.
Change for 7368. Add the violation count into the Task outputs.
Fix for 7383. Fix for memory leak in plugins.
Update environment to detect ReSharper 7
Fix for 7378. Null reference exception from command line run in message output.
Update release history.
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